10 Ways to Prep Your Pacific Northwest Home for a Greener Winter (Part 1)


Those of us lucky enough to live in Whatcom County sure enjoyed our lengthened summer courtesy of September’s gorgeous weather, but it’s mid-October now and blustery Autumn is here! All you have to do is look outside your window at the bright red and yellow leaves, and you know Winter isn’t far off (and with it, winter heating bills)!

Pacific Northwest communities are known for their commitment to greener living, and there’s no better time to think about “greening” your own Northwest Washington home than Autumn. You can make small, inexpensive changes now that will yield big benefits all through the colder winter months, and you’ll be doing Mother Nature a big favor, too.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference in Your Whatcom, Skagit, Island, or San Juan County Home!

Here are a few tips from the “Stuff Your Mother Always Told You” category (and they’re free):

1. Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

2. Put on a sweater or slippers when you feel cold, rather than immediately cranking up the thermostat.

3. Unplug phone chargers, etc., when they’re not in use. Even idle chargers consume energy when they’re plugged in.

4. Wash your clothes in cold water. There are some great earth-friendly cold-water detergents in the organic/natural foods section of nearly any grocery store.

5. Eat food that’s in-season. Often you can find these foods locally-grown at your farmers market.

Check back later this week for more great Green Winter tips in Part 2!

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