Green Update: Pacific Northwest Named a Surprising Place for Solar Power

daisiesThe Daily Green recently posted an article discussing the benefits of utilizing solar power. Though recent economic troubles have slowed the transition to more earth-friendly power sources in businesses and homes in The Pacific Northwest and the rest of the U.S., TDG says the future is still bright for alternative energy.

Though solar power is extremely popular in places like California and Florida for obvious reasons, research out of Seattle-based Cooler Planet suggests that, while major factors such as availability of sun, social and political values, income and local incentives impact the number of homes using solar power, there are also some big surprises in the mix.

At the top of their list of surprises: Washington State, where — let’s face it — the lush green landscape is gorgeous, but sunshine isn’t exactly the main draw.  “While the Evergreen State does have a concentration of progressive, tech-savvy and green-leaning folks in the Seattle area and Bellingham, it’s interesting to note that interest in solar power is still fairly strong in rural areas and, to a lesser extent, the eastern part of the state, where incomes are much lower.”  People are catching on to the fact that the benefits of solar power aren’t limited to the sunniest locales.

If you’re interested in a greener home, keep checking back for our Green Updates each month here at  Also, if you’re ready to make changes, but not sure where to start, check out Cooler Planet.  Their goal is to match interested homeowners and businesses with a network of pre-screened green professionals, and their services are free.  “Over time, we aim to provide you all the tools and resources you need to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, your business, and your life.”

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