A new economy, a new kind of retirement

833180372_e88313c291Green spaces, not green fees for new generation of retirees

Based on current recession trends all across the U.S., it appears the era of retiring to a posh home out on a golf course are over, at least for now. Recent economic woes have hit the retired and soon-to-be-retired extremely hard — taking a toll both on their nest eggs and their idea of what buying a retirement home should look like. For active adults and seniors, bike paths and wooded trails are becoming far more important than living “on the green.”

Though many families across all demographics are choosing to downsize, relocating to a smaller house is even more popular with those 55 and older — a trend that has remained fairly steady over the years. Currently, 30-40% of those 55-and-up plan to move to a new home when they retire,which is comparable to most years.

The numbers remain the same, but priorities have changed somewhat. It used to be that the most important thing to retirees was moving to a warmer climate — now home affordability is at the top of the priority list. This means that though Florida, Arizona and California remain top retirement spots, other states are drawing retirees as well… and the green natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest is no exception.

What do retiring home buyers want?

Here’s a short list of amenities and home features that are important:

  • big bathrooms with helpful aids such as grab bars
  • entrances/porches without steps
  • washers/dryers in-unit
  • first-floor master bedrooms
  • convenient storage space
  • attached garages with garage-door openers
  • user-friendly heat & AC thermostats
  • outdoor maintenance & general home repair services

If you’re a senior or active adult looking for a beautiful Pacific Northwest home to retire in, I can help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Feel free to give me a call, visit my free Northwest MLS home search, or check out my helpful Pacific Northwest Seniors & Active Adults directory.

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