Make sure your Washington State home inspector is licensed!

Last year in July, Washington State enacted a series of laws that protect homesellers and homebuyers by regulating home inspections, which is great news both for the home inspection industry and the Pacific Northwest homebuyers and real estate professionals they serve. These new laws (RCW 18.280 and WAC 308-408A) help ensure that those who inspect your Pacific Northwest home are truly qualified to do so, and that they uphold a certain standard of quality.


Here’s just a few things that are required of Home Inspectors:

• Home Inspectors are now legally required to be licensed through the Washington State Department of Licensing (licenses began being issued in July 2009).

• Home Inspectors must complete 120 hours of board-approved home inspection course work prior to licensing.

• Home Inspectors must mentor with an experienced home inspector for at least 40 hours of field training.

• They must successfully pass the 4-hour Washington State Home Inspection Exam, pay $680 in licensing fees, and complete 24 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years.

• Home Inspectors cannot repair or upgrade components for compensation on any building inspected within one year of the original inspection. They also can’t disclose information pertaining to an Inspection Report without the client’s permission.

If you need help finding a qualified Home Inspector, give me a call and I’ll refer you to a qualified, licensed Home Inspector.

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