The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is right around the corner!

tulips1The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival begins April 1st, but the flowers are evidently anxious to get on with the show! With our mild Pacific Northwest winter, it’s no real surprise that the daffodils, tulips and irises in Mount Vernon are blooming a little earlier this year. Festival organizers always say, “Bloom dates according to Mother Nature,” and it’s true!

Daffodils are already in adorning most fields in bright yellow, and the main attraction — tulips — are already beginning their debut near the Roozengarde Display Garden. In just a few short weeks, most of the fields are expected to be in full bloom, turning the Mount Vernon area into a true Pacific Northwest attraction as people travel large distances to see the gorgeous floral display.

The Tulip Festival is just one reason why life in Skagit County is Pacific Northwest living at its finest.  To learn about exciting deals on homes in Skagit County or Mount Vernon homes, please Contact Me or visit my free, no-hassle Northwest MLS search. To see photos of the tulips, be sure to check out my Pacific Northwest photoblog during the month of April!

Helpful Tulip Festival Links:

Bloom Map

Official Festival Website

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