2010 Jingle Bell Swim for Arthritis in Whatcom County


(For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, introducing the infamous Back-of-the-Pool gang. Yours truly, Susan Stecher, is in the center)

It’s back!  The Jingle Bell Swim at the Bellingham Athletic Club to benefit arthritis has returned for a third year.   Although it’s a newer event than the Jingle Bell Run in downtown Bellingham, the Jingle Bell swim has steadily gained notoriety and participants over the last three years. And this year, yours truly is one of its sponsors!

The Jingle Bell Swim is from 9 to 10 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11, please come early. I’d love to see all of you come out and join us in this fun and seasonal event.  Whether you’re a 20 year old college student or a 70-year-old retiree, water aerobics allows for folks of all ages and fitness levels to participate. And it’s for a good cause!

Water aerobic classes and lap swim sessions are available at the Cordata Bellingham Athletic Club throughout the week, day and evenings, with varying intensity levels. Kathy Buckley, owner of the BAC, is a swim expert who’s passionate about serving our diverse Whatcom County community.

Jill Robertson, who has coached for more than 30 years, regularly teaches classes each week at the BAC and says she enjoys helping class participants form healthier lifestyle habits. She’s well known for providing unending encouragement, energy, and enthusiasm in her classes!

Water aerobic classes are designed to make sure everyone feels comfortable participating.  If you’re timid about working out in your swimsuit, clean t-shirts and shorts are also allowed. Some of the classes are specifically designed for arthritic exercise, with those instructors directly trained by The Bellingham Arthritis Foundation.

Classes begin with a brief warm up, followed by 30 minutes of workout, ending with a few minutes of stretching and water yoga. Feel free to use the swim club’s hot tubs and saunas to warm you up after your swim.

Although excercising is often considered a chore by many, that’s not the case with water aerobics at the Bellingham Athletic Club.  The music is fun and upbeat and participants are known to don a costume or two during special holidays. And you can usually count on the Back-of-the-Pool Gang to throw some mischief into a workout with a water fight or two from time to time. This is definitely not your predictable workout routine!

If you want to make 2011 a healthier, happier year, water aerobics can get you on the path to fitness and health and keep you motivated to stick with it. If you’d like a free guest pass to the Bellingham Athletic Club, please contact me (Susie) at (360) 319-4939 and I’ll get you set up! As your Pacific Northwest Real Estate expert, I can also help you learn more about Whatcom County real estate and all the Whatcom County homes that are available now.

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